Professional graphics market stays strong

Jon Peddie Research has completed its analysis of the professional graphics market throughout last year, and according to the research firm, professional graphics card sales are still "surprisingly strong".
In Q4'06 the market saw approximately 802 thousand graphics hardware units sold, with add-in boards accounting for nearly $285 million in revenue (street value). For the year, units were up 18.3% to 3.3 million and revenue up 17.9% to just over $1 billion. The burgeoning mobile workstation market is responsible for driving a good chunk of units, but add-in board sales remain robust as well. And most notably, it's the pricy upper end of the market that’s bringing in more and more of the dollars.
Two years ago, JPR says, the high-end ($950+) and ultra-high-end ($1500+) professional graphics card segments made up only one quarter of all professional graphics card sales. In the fourth quarter of last year, however, those segments made up half of all pro graphics card sales. Nvidia in particular is benefiting from this trend. JPR estimates revenue from Nvidia's Quadro FX lineup represented about one third of the entire professional graphics card market and four times ATI/AMD's revenue in that segment last quarter.
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