Kaspersky says Vista is less secure than XP

Anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky has expressed concerns about the security mechanisms built into Windows Vista. According to ZDNet, the firm says Vista’s User Account Control system, which asks for confirmation whenever users change system settings or install new programs, is so annoying that users will disable it. And with UAC disabled, the firm says Vista is less secure than Windows XP. Worse yet, Kaspersky chief executive Natalya Kaspersky told ZDNet that her analysts have already found five ways in which malware could bypass UAC.

It’s not just UAC Kaspersky is unhappy about, though. The firm also complains that PatchGuard, Vista’s security system that prevents software from modifying the operating system kernel, is a hindrance to third-party security software. Natalya Kaspersky told ZDNet, “PatchGuard doesn’t allow legitimate security vendors to do what we used to do.” Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky added that malware writers “don’t need to follow regulations or be certified by Microsoft” whereas “antivirus vendors do.”

In response to these complaints, Microsoft business security head Arno Edelmann stated, “Kaspersky is one of our best partners . . . I find their statements a little strange because they have one of the best insights into Microsoft security products.”

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