AMD has big plans for the Catalyst Control Center

ExtremeTech has scored an interview with AMD's Phil Rogers, the man who oversees the company's graphics software architecture. A large part of the interview is devoted to the discussion of AMD's Catalyst drivers for Windows Vista, DirectX 10, and related topics. Rogers says the performance delta between Vista and Windows XP in most titles is generally around 3% at low resolutions and level at high resolutions in AMD's internal Catalyst driver builds, and that the company is "working on the outliers to bring them in." More interestingly, though, Rogers gives an insight into AMD's plans for the Catalyst Control Center. On page four of the interview, the following exchange takes place:
Rogers: . . . We will also continue to add a number of new features to the Catalyst Control Center through out the year, which will make the Catalyst Control Center a very compelling product. . . . Longer term our goal is continue to improve the user experience and to move towards a single or central user interface where AMD customers can configure the majority of AMD product settings.

ExtremeTech: So the goal is that, at some point in the future, we'll have what ammounts to a single "Catalyst Control Center" for controlling not only our AMD graphics card, but our AMD chipset motherboard and AMD CPU as well? That would be pretty exciting for enthusiasts that love to tweak their systems.

Rogers: Yes it is our goal and vision to eventually have a single UI for all AMD products (graphics, CPU, chipset), but this is of course a major project, and it will be quite some time before we're able to release such a product.

Rogers doesn't reveal more in the interview. However, the software he mentions sounds like it might bear some resemblance to Nvidia's nTune application, which can be used to tweak, overclock, and monitor both Nvidia graphics cards and some motherboards with Nvidia chipsets.
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