R600 suffers poor yields, packs AIW features?

Our counterparts over at VR-Zone scored a double whammy of R600 news today. First off, the site says it has overheard talk at CeBIT that AMD's upcoming R600 graphics processor is suffering from poor yields. The chip is indeed being produced with 65nm process technology, they say, but 65nm yields are very low. So low, in fact, that AMD might only be able to make 20,000 Radeon X2900 XTX graphics cards and that the presumably cheaper Radeon X2900 XT may not even make the launch. AMD revealed earlier this month that it expected to introduce XTX, XT, and XL flavors of the Radeon X2900.

Bad news aside, VR-Zone says Radeon X2900 graphics cards will have a built-in Theater 200 video processing chip—the very same one that was once in AMD's All-in-Wonder series graphics cards. We heard rumors last summer that AMD planned to stop making All-in-Wonder cards, so sticking some of the same functionality onto its upcoming flagship graphics card might make sense. The Theater 200 offers a pair of 12-bit analog-to-digital converters, an adaptive 2D comb filter, and it supports composite, component, and S-Video input. As VR-Zone points out, though, it seems odd that AMD wouldn't go with the more powerful Theater 550 chip, which offers 3D comb filtering and hardware-accelerated MPEG2 encoding.

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