Radeon X2900 shown in action

AMD's decision to delay its upcoming Radeon X2900 graphics cards does seem to have negatively impacted the company's presence at CeBIT, just as DigiTimes reported earlier this month. However, AMD appears to have decided to show off its next "Ruby" tech demo running on the R600 at the show anyway. Hexus was there and managed to get the demo on video, and the result can be viewed on the Hexus.tv site over here.

The demo is about three minutes long and shows Ruby riding in a helicopter, snowboarding, and ordering a short-range missile strike from a futuristic underground computer system with Minority Report-style controls. The video is a little blurry, but the demo seems to be quite detailed. Motion blur, depth-of-field, fur, smoke, soft shadows, high dynamic range lighting, and other such effects are all on the menu. The character animation doesn't look half bad, either.

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