TR Forum Tidings: Defining obsolescence

For our tidings post this week, we've selected this thread by forum gerbil Eur0k1d. Eur0k1d—whose system has an Athlon 64 3800+ processor, a GeForce 7800 GT graphics card, and 1GB of memory—is asking whether his computer is outdated. While some see this as a yes-or-no question—and indeed, responses to the thread are a resounding "no"—the query does raise an interesting point: just how does one define outdated? Is a system outdated when it can no longer keep up with the latest games and software, or does it become outdated simply when more powerful parts come out? How about you: what does your main system contain right now, and when/what do you plan to upgrade? Do you consider your machine obsolete? As always, if you have something to contribute to the thread, feel free to register a forum account and hop in.
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