Gigabyte 690G mobo to support CrossFire?

There's no question that the AMD 690G integrated graphics chipset introduced last month, isn't exactly aimed at the enthusiast market. However, according to HKEPC, Gigabyte may not decide to let the chipset's intended demographic get in the way of its business. The site reports that Gigabyte has been showing off a 690G motherboard at CeBIT that features an open-ended PCI Express x4 slot capable of accommodating a second graphics card. This GA-MA69G-S3 board is also reportedly the first 690G-based offering with a full-sized ATX form factor. The product feature list shot by HKEPC doesn't mention CrossFire support, but the site says it has received word from its sources that the GA-MA69G-S3 will probably be the first 690G board to support AMD's dual-GPU technology. Since the mobo has integrated graphics, HKEPC says it may also support a total of six display outputs—two for each graphics processor—via AMD's SurroundView feature.
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