Scott Miller talks Duke Nukem Forever

Last summer, we heard talk that the development team working on Duke Nukem Forever at 3D Realms was essentially falling apart, with major team members quitting as rats would leave a sinking ship. However, in a new interview with YouGamers, Scott Miller—the VP of Action Entertainment, which is General Partner of Apogee Software, which in turn owns 3D Realms—seems to suggest that development work on the game is actually going better than ever. Miller openly acknowledges the game's development has been mismanaged:
First, we fully admit we're screwed up the development of DNF, and it’s now an industry joke. I laugh (and cry) when I think about it, too. Our fault is that we set the bar too high, and we tried too hard to make the game to beat all games. In the last 18 months we've taken a much more realistic look at the project, we’ve hired a truckload of experienced help, and I personally believe we are now on the right track... finally.
Miller credits an influx of new development talent for the turnaround:
In fact, in the last year especially we've dramatically upgraded the level of experienced & talented developers in-house, hiring key developers from several blockbuster projects. These new developers have made a stunningly positive impact on the project. And we continue to hire.
He doesn't reveal any juicy details about the game, but Miller does say the plan is "definitely" to bring it to multiple platforms. He also says he hopes that the Duke Nukem Forever score will be as impressive as Prey's, which included three hours of original music from composer Jeremy Soule plus an hour of licensed tracks.
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