Vista won't impact PC sales, says Gartner

Last year, every analyst and his dog predicted that the release of Windows Vista would cause a boom in PC sales. However, as eWeek reports, the Gartner research group now says it believes Vista will have but a limited impact on total PC sales throughout this year. The research group estimates that worldwide PC shipments will grow 10.5% in 2007 to 255.7 million units, with revenue expected to go up 4.6% to $213.7 billion. Another research firm, IDC, expects PC shipments to grow 11.1% this year. Analysts at Gartner think business and home users alike will only make the move to Windows Vista when they replace their old PCs with newer machines that have the new operating system pre-installed, which they say "could take years."

eWeek quotes one Gartner analyst as saying, "While Vista includes a number of interesting features, these features just don't have enough 'must have' appeal with the average home and SMB user to spark a significant rush of new PC sales." IDC shares similar views, with one of its analysts saying the Vista launch will "create some growth opportunity in late 2007 and early 2008, before resuming a declining growth trend in the out-years."

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