Mushkin launches new low-latency 4GB DDR2 kits

The folks at Mushkin have introduced two new 4GB memory kits that combine low latency and high clock speed ratings. Both kits pack two 2GB modules, and they run at 800MHz or 1066MHz. The 800MHz XP2-6400 is rated for timings of just 4-3-3-10 at 800MHz, while Mushkin says the XP2-8500 kit will support timings of 5-4-4-12 at 1066MHz. That said, the two kits require respective voltages of 2.2V and 2.3V—well beyond the 1.8V voltage called for by the standard DDR2 spec. Users will be able to grab the XP2-6400 and XP2-8500 as both 4GB kits and 2GB modules by the end of March. 4GB XP2-6400 kits will cost $487.99 from Mushkin's online store, and 4GB XP2-8500 kits will cost $559.76.
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