Google Internet evangelist disavows phone claims

After months of rumors and speculation, the CEO of Google Spain and Portugal essentially confirmed last week that the company was working on a mobile phone. She said the device was only one of 18 products currently in development in Google's labs, but that the company's engineers were nonetheless spending part of their time on research for the device.

However, Australia's Sunday Morning Herald has now heard from both Google's chief Internet evangelist, Vinton Cerf, and Google's Managing Director of south-east Asian sales and operations, Richard Kimber, that there is no Google mobile phone in the works. Cerf told the paper, "Becoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model. On the other hand, we're very interested in the platforms that other people are building. We are quite eager to be part of the mobile revolution." As for Kimber, he claimed that Google was porting its search and technology to mobile devices, but that the company is "not interested in entering the crowded handset market."

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