Poll: What socket type is your main processor?

TR might cater to hardware enthusiasts in general, but even enthusiasts don't always have the latest and greatest in terms of processors. In this week's poll, we're quizzing you about the processor socket inside your main system. Are you still stuck with an old Athlon XP (Socket A) or Willamette Pentium 4 (Socket 423), or have you ponied up the cash for a state-of-the-art desktop rig based on Intel's LGA775 socket or AMD's Socket AM2? Or perhaps you're somewhere in between, with a system that's a release cycle or two behind but still fine for your needs. Why not go vote and let us know?

Last week, we asked you how your mouse was hooked up to your main computer: wirelessly, with a cable, or built into the unit itself (for notebooks). Just over 2600 voters have participated, and the results suggest that over one third of our reader base uses wireless mice (36%). Wired mice are still definitely more popular, though, with 61% of the vote. As for notebooks, only 2% of our voters seem to use their laptop's trackpad or trackpoint as their primary pointing device. Last, but not least, 1% of voters are apparently die-hard old-school users who have no need for such modern comforts as mice.

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