Mobile GeForce 8800 GPUs to come as early as May?

We heard reports back in January that said Nvidia wouldn't introduce mobile derivatives of its G80 graphics processor until the third quarter of this year, forcing notebook buyers to pick between mainstream and value derivatives or older DirectX 9 parts throughout the first half of the year. The guys at VR-Zone have now gotten hold of more precise information, and they say Nvidia will be launching its next flagship mobile product—a so-called GeForce Go 8800 GTX—in July.

The company will also reportedly introduce another mobile GPU in the GeForce Go 8800 lineup before that: a GeForce Go 8800 GS, which VR-Zone says we can expect to appear in May. The site hasn't gotten hold of any juicy specifications or other information about the chips aside from their names and launch months. However, if these two GPUs do indeed exist, they're likely to be based on either 80nm or 65nm process technology. The original G80 chip is built off a 90nm process, and its power consumption alone would likely make it difficult to adapt for notebooks.

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