Corsair cooks up DDR3 RAM, new flash drives

We didn't attend CeBIT, but Corsair has caught us up on some the new products it demonstrated at the show and expects to launch in the near future. Perhaps the most interesting of those products is DDR3 RAM: Corsair already has working samples of 1066MHz 2GB DDR3 modules with a CAS latency of six cycles, and the company says it's managed to overclock those modules to a blistering 1600MHz in its labs. Corsair expects to ship its first DDR3 sticks some time next quarter, although other specifics like price are still under wraps.

As for DDR2 memory, Corsair is planning to bring its vertical DHX memory heatsinks down from the high-end Dominator line to the more affordable XMS2 line. XMS2 DHX modules will come in the next few weeks with speeds likely in the 800MHz-1066MHz range. In a similar time frame, the XMS2 lineup will also gain 4GB kits in both in both 4 x 1GB and 2 x 2GB arrangements.

Corsair will also refresh its flash products. In April, it plans to introduce new Survivor and Survivor GT flash drives. These drives will essentially be rugged versions of the company's existing Voyager and Voyager GT drives. They will have a tougher aluminum housing and will be sold at a slight premium.

Also in April, Corsair intends to release the PIN-protected Padlock flash drives it first told us about in January. The data on Padlock drives will be locked via a numeric keypad, which will control the drives' power circuitry. Padlock drives won't actually be able to mount on a host system until the correct code is entered. Corsair intends to offer a code retrieval service for users who happen to forget their PINs.

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