Deal of the week: Crazy Hector

We pointed out in our 15-chip processor comparison that AMD is running "Crazy Hector"-style deals on some of its Athlon 64 processors, resulting in prices well below those in the company's official price list. We linked AMD's Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (65W), which was and still is available for just $125.99 on Newegg (compared to the $195 quoted in AMD's price list), but there are a few others we think deserve some attention: Considering the cheapest Core 2 Duo, the E4300, still costs $169 on Newegg, AMD is undercutting Intel pretty severely with some of those chips.

Processors aside, we've also spotted an attractive mail-in-rebate deal on Antec's P180 case at Newegg today. The case normally costs $124.99, but the rebate brings its price down to a more reasonable $74.99. This may not be the easiest case to work in, but its many noise-reducing features and good looks make it an excellent choice for quiet PC enthusiasts.

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