Saturday science subject: Anti-obesity foods

Dutch scientists at Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TIFN) are developing new food ingredients they say can help prevent obesity, according to a report by the Scientific American. The ingredients work by making people feel satiated or "full" more quickly so that they end up eating less.
"We are working on certain food ingredients, which provoke more satiety than others do on the long run, so that our partners can use them in food manufacturing," said Professor Robert-Jan Brummer, program director at TIFN.

"These products should trigger satiety and stop us eating more and more. They should also meet our dietary requirements, have a very good taste and be enjoyable to eat," he told Reuters.

TIFN's research is currently funded by both the Dutch government and groups like the Anglo-Dutch food giant Unilever. Brummer says he hasn't seen a breakthrough in his research yet, but he thinks he will see one "in the next five years or so." Aside from the anti-obesity ingredients, TIFN is also developing food ingredients that can increase sensitivity to insulin in order to prevent obese people from developing diabetes.
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