PS3s nearly triple [email protected] power

We learned last week that a [email protected] client for the PlayStation 3 was close to release. An article by the San Jose Mercury News predicted that if 10,000 PlayStation 3 users (1% of the North American PS3 user base) started to fold, the amount of computing power available to the [email protected] project would double.

Well, the PS3 FAH client finally came out on Friday, and already the number of active PS3 users reported by Stanford’s stats is up over 30,000. Even more impressive is the fact that the PS3 has nearly tripled the project’s computing power: Windows, Mac, Linux, and GPU clients combined add up to 258 teraFLOPS, while the PS3 alone contributes a staggering 481 teraFLOPS. The project is now sitting pretty at 739 teraFLOPS. Considering the number of active PS3 folders seems to have almost tripled since Friday, FAH could even break the petaFLOPS (1015 floating point operations per second) barrier before long.

If you’re the lucky owner of a PlayStation 3 and want to start folding, you can start by reading this FAQ on Stanford’s website. And as always, feel free to join team 2630! (Thanks to TR reader Spencer for the heads-up.)

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