TR Forum Tidings: The evolving enthusiast PC

While browsing around the forums today, we spotted this thread by Resomegnis about enthusiast PCs. Resomegnis says that before long, typical enthusiast PCs may be sporting dual quad-core processors, 4GB of memory, more than 1TB of storage, a graphics card with 1GB of memory, a 1kW power supply, and even a Blu-ray/HD DVD burner. Other forum gerbils reckon some of those predictions are overkill—namely dual processor sockets and the 1kW PSU—while others say there's no such thing as a typical enthusiast PC to begin with. What do you think? Is it possible to describe a fairly typical enthusiast system, and if so, how do you think enthusiast PCs will evolve over the coming years? If you have something to contribute, feel free to register a forum account if you haven't already done so and join the discussion.
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