First 55nm Nvidia chips coming in early 2008?

Six months ago, Nvidia beat ATI to the punch by introducing the first mobile graphics processor based on Taiwanese foundry TSMC's 80nm process technology. A new report by DigiTimes suggests that Nvidia may finish first yet again, this time in the race to the 55nm half-node process.

TSMC announced yesterday that it was ready to begin 55nm production. DigiTimes has heard from its sources that Nvidia kicked off 55nm pilot runs in early 2007 and plans to have samples available in the second half of this year. Nvidia's first graphics processors based on 55nm process technology should hit volume production in the first quarter of 2008, the site's sources claim. DigiTimes has less information regarding AMD, but it quotes a recent Commercial Times article as saying AMD has also started 55nm pilot runs.

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