Valve gets chatty about Team Fortress 2

The guys over at GameInformer have had a chance to sit down with a few Valve staffers and talk about their upcoming team-based multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2. The interview goes on for four pages, so we won't sum up the whole thing here. However, the Valve folks do reveal a good number of interesting details about the game. For instance, Team Fortress 2 is designed to be accessible and to give new players a better understanding of what's going on. Valve also took grenades out of the game and worked to differentiate classes more. According to Robin Walker, Team Fortress co-creator and Valve designer/engineer, "Seeing a Pryo instead of a Scout, your reaction is totally different than if you see a Soldier."

Interestingly, despite TF2's cartoony graphics, the game's graphics engine will have the ability to take advantage of the latest graphics cards. Walker says the textures in TF2 are higher than any product Valve has shipped before. "You have like 768 megs of RAM in the [graphics] cards these days, and we will actually use that in TF2." The game will also take advantage of quad-core processors. Walker explains, "If you've got a multicore machine, it helps a lot. As I say, the quadcore systems that we have here, their frame rates are just insane. It’s like 300 FPS at 2500 by 1900 or something like that. Those cores are just chewing up the animation systems and particles." (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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