New AMD chipset to hit notebooks

Exactly one month after the launch of its 690G desktop integrated graphics chipset, AMD is back with more. This time, the company has cooked up a mobile chipset that includes Radeon X1200 integrated graphics as well as new power-saving features. This M690 chipset includes a memory technology known as Display Cache that AMD says is “designed to allow the CPU to operate in low-power mode without accessing system memory.” According to AMD, Display Cache can provide battery life savings of up to 30 minutes compared to previous mobile chipsets.

As far as the M690’s integrated graphics processor goes, AMD says it boasts support for both DVI and HDMI outputs, just like the Radeon X1250 in AMD’s desktop 690G chipset. Oddly, though, AMD makes no mention of the hybrid graphics functionality it discussed back in December—perhaps that feature will be saved for another mobile chipset. In the meantime, notebooks based on the M690 chipset can be expected from PC makers including Asus, HP, and Fujitsu-Siemens.

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