Quanta to make $200 laptop for first-world nations

The One Laptop Per Child project issued a statement back in January saying it had no plans to commercialize its low-cost XO laptop for the time being. Now, the Financial Times reports that Quanta—the Taiwanese notebook design manufacturer giant that produces XO laptops—is planning to introduce a $200 laptop of its own design.

Unlike the XO laptop, this particular device will be sold commercially in first-world countries. According to Quanta president Michael Wang, several of Quanta's customers are seeking to launch such a device, and the first $200 notebooks may appear "this year or the next." They are likely to have small screens, lack hard drives, and to be based on open-source software. As Wang points out, low-cost machines should not remain exclusive to developing nations because "there are a lot of poor people in developed countries, too."

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