Let Shuttle know what you want—and win

The folks at Shuttle are making a renewed push into the PC enthusiast market with their small form factor systems. As part of that effort, Shuttle has signed on as a TR sponsor, and they want to know what you think about the sort of products they should make. The best way to find that out is to ask, so they have put together a quick, five-question survey exclusively for TR readers in order to gauge your interest in some potential products.

As an enticement, if you fill out the survey, you'll be entered to win an SDXI BYO barebones SFF PC kit with a hand-painted finish, a Core 2-ready mobo, and CrossFire-ready dual-PCIe slots. This is a barebones kit, not a complete system, so the winner will have to build the system himself—as it should be.

By the way, if you're baffled by question number four, they're asking about micro-ATX systems the size of this case or this one—so larger than a traditional Shuttle SFF, but smaller than the usual ATX case.

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