Sony plans PS3 with larger hard drive

In the wake of the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite console, which is scheduled to hit stores next month for $479.99, Yahoo News reports that Sony is also planning to release a version of its console with a larger hard drive. Sony hasn’t made a formal announcement, but a filing to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission mentions an “additional” PlayStation 3 with a CECHE01 product code and an 80GB hard drive—20GB larger than the one in Sony’s existing premium PlayStation 3, which has a CECHA01 product code and a $599 price tag. The filing says, “The model CECHE01 to be added by the difference of the capacity of hard disk,” suggesting that Sony won’t be adding anything except for the bigger hard drive.

For reference, the Xbox 360 Elite will add a 120GB hard drive and HDMI video output over the current premium model. Since Sony’s existing 60GB console already sports HDMI video output, this new 80GB model should have it, as well.

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