Microsoft seeks to improve mobile web browsing

Those of us who have tried to browse the web on cell phones and other mobile devices likely know how frustrating it can be. Well, according to Ars Technica, Microsoft is looking to make mobile browsing less awkward via a new technology called Deepfish. Where standard mobile browsers tend to either restrict themselves to mobile versions of web pages or simply attempt to squeeze full-sized pages into a narrow column, Deepfish displays the full page as it would appear on a PC—a sort of thumbnail. Users can then zoom “intuitively” into specific areas of a page to see more.

The application seems to be heavily inspired by the mobile version of Safari, which Apple showed off on its iPhone device back in January. The mobile Safari browser essentially does the same thing as Deepfish, displaying full pages and allowing users to zoom in to read them. Whereas the iPhone is launching in the U.S. in June, though, Microsoft says Deepfish is still early in its development cycle and “a few releases away from beta quality.” Nonetheless, users with Windows Mobile Smart Phones or Pocket PCs can register their interest for a technical preview of the software.

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