Team Fortress 2 tested and previewed

Valve discussed the upcoming Team Fortress 2 at length on Tuesday, and now the firm has let one of the guys at spend some quality time with the game. According to the hands-on preview, Team Fortress 2 has the same solid feel as some of Valve's other shooters. "The running speeds, the jumping, the weapon balance - from what I've played, it's all absolutely spot-on." TF2's cartoony graphics are also a fitting replacement for Team Fortress Classic's more realistic feel, CVG says, because TF2 is a "bloody funny game, and there's no point trying to fight that on any level of design, from the visuals right down to the broken bottle melee weapon." General observations aside, CVG provides a glimpse of what it's like to play as each one of TF2's classes, and it also reveals a few additional tidbits about the game. For instance, Valve has reportedly sought to make maps less repetitive by opening and closing different paths and relocating the action after each round.
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