Poll: Who will make the fastest x86 CPU this year?

Intel has had the performance crown in the x86 processor market since the launch of its Core 2 Duo and Xeon 5100 processors last summer. AMD seems to be cooking up a potent comeback in the form of Barcelona, a native, 65nm quad-core design AMD claims is significantly faster than Intel's latest quad-core chips. However, Intel told us yesterday that its upcoming 45nm processors will have several performance-enhancing features compared to their 65nm predecessors. Intel plans to have 45nm server chips out the door late this year, which could allow the company either regain or retain its performance lead before the year is through. With that in mind, who you think will come out on top by the end of 2007: AMD or Intel? Feel free to go over to our poll and vote to let us know.

In last Thursday's poll, we asked you about the type of processor socket with which your main system was outfitted. The clear winner here is Socket 939, which is apparently present in a whopping 39% of our readers' main systems. In second place is Intel's LGA775, likely thanks to the Core 2 Duo. And surprisingly, the third most popular processor socket in our poll is the good old Socket A. It looks like more than one in ten TR readers are still using a chip from the original Athlon, Duron, or Sempron processor families.

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