iPhone coming out on June 11

When Apple announced the iPhone back in January, the company stated that the device would become available to U.S. customers some time in June. Someone over on CNet’s gadget blog has now learned the specific date on which the iPhone will be released: June 11. The information comes from a Cingular customer service representative, who reportedly mentioned the date in a call with the CNet blogger late on Thursday.

The date seems plausible, because Apple’s 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is scheduled to take place from June 11 until June 15. As Apple already announced, the iPhone will be available from both Cingular and Apple stores at launch. Assuming a two-year Cingular contract, the 4GB iPhone will cost $499, and the 8GB version of the device will cost $599.

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    • Thebolt
    • 14 years ago

    Costs way too much.. it should cost that much without a plan which is just like all other phones.. nobody in their right mind would buy one without a plan at ‘normal’ prices. With a plan it should cost 200-300 depending on model.

      • d2brothe
      • 14 years ago

      Oh..apple fanbois will have no problem paying that…

        • StashTheVampede
        • 14 years ago

        I know of an Apple fanboi that is dying for this phone. He won’t buy a first generation laptop or desktop, but he is VERY willing to buy a first generation Apple smartphone!

          • moose17145
          • 14 years ago

          Yea, i know a couple people who are ecstatic for the iPhone too. Needless to say they are just as illogical as all apple iFanbois. I just think it’s funny how people think what Apple is doing is anything new. Smartphones have been out for a LONG time now. All apple did was put the same old crap into a new case and pull some BS out about how they “innovated”. On that note, i still want a Palm Smartphone. It actually has stuff i would use, and isn’t ridiculously overpriced with a plan. Actually they are cheaper without a plan than this thing is WITH a plan.

            • Cuhulin
            • 14 years ago

            As someone who is probably not an Apple “fanboy” — have not owned an apple product other than an ipod mini for ten years — I am also eager for this phone.

            Apple did innovate, and they did so in ways that the normal phone manufacturers have ignored.

            To cite the example most interesting to me, the clickable list of voicemails is a huge feature. Not only will it allow me to get an important voicemail, while ignoring a lot of “chaff” when I have limited time, but it required a restructuring of Cingular’s voicemail system, which a normal manufacturer could not have gotten done.

            With iphone, I don’t need to carry multiple devices, which is a problem with my Cingular 8125, since it’s headphone connections are non-standard (and bluetooth is not permitted on an airline plane).

            Yes, the price is high. If you don’t like that, don’t pay it! For some of us, the functionality is worth it.

    • Ricardo Dawkins
    • 14 years ago

    about time….

    • axeman
    • 14 years ago

    Personally I’m waiting for the iRack..


      • dmitriylm
      • 14 years ago

      eh, im looking forward to the iRAN

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