nForce 650i Ultra quietly joins nForce lineup

As highly-publicized as Nvidia's high-end chipset launches are, the firm is notably quieter when introducing lower-end derivatives of those chipsets. That seems to be the case with a new nForce 650i Ultra chipset, which Beyond3D says Nvidia has opted to introduce silently. The chipset's existence is confirmed by the release notes for nVidia's nTune software, but don't look for an announcement on Nvidia's website.

Luckily, Beyond3D has taken the trouble of asking the company directly for details. Nvidia responded by saying that the 650i Ultra will use the same C55 and MCP51 chipset combo as the existing nForce 650i SLI, that it will only support one PCI Express x16 slot, and that motherboards based on the new chipset will appear shortly with €70-80 price tags in Europe. Those prices will most likely translate to something in the $70-80 range in the U.S., considering the relationship between European and U.S. pricing for hardware as of late.

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