GeForce 8600 launch still scheduled for April 17?

We heard rumors a week ago that Nvidia's G84 and G86 graphics processors were buggy and would require a re-spin, which would force Nvidia to postpone its GeForce 8600 GTS, GeForce 8600 GT, and GeForce 8500 GT graphics cards. A report by The Inquirer now says the cards are still on schedule for a rumored April 17 launch. However, the site says, G84 and G86 chips are still victim of a bug—albeit not a show-stopping one.

Most of Nvidia's graphics cards have a 2D mode in which the GPU and memory run at lowered clock speeds and voltage settings in order to cut power consumption, heat dissipation, and in some cases fan speeds. The Inq claims that the first generation of G84 and G86 chips will be unable to clock down to 2D mode and will therefore run at full blast all the time. If this report is true, it could be bad news for small-form-factor PC users and for those who like quiet PCs.

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