Quake Wars: Enemy Territory previewed

After Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament 3, we've spotted a preview of another anticipated multiplayer first-person shooter. This time, it's Shacknews' Chris Remo and Chris Faylor who got to spend time playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the upcoming team-based multiplayer title from Splash Damage and id Software. Most of the preview goes over Quake Wars' gameplay and how the missions are laid out. The Shack says maps have both large-scale, team-oriented objectives and smaller, secondary missions that can be completed by lone players. Although they're not necessary to score a victory, secondary missions can "streamline things for the team." Maps are also "heavily asymmetrical" and objectives vary significantly, which reportedly gives the game a dynamic feel. Nonetheless, Quake Wars relies heavily on players working together, and teams that master collaboration are more likely to win.

Overall, the Shack found that the secondary mission system adds a lot of flexibility to the game. The site also closes in saying that, although Quake Wars was supposed to come out last year and had to be delayed, "the game appears to be all the better for it." Enemy Territory: Quake Wars doesn't currently have a set release date, but it is expected to come out some time this year.

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