AMD's M690 chipset goes embedded

After announcing its mobile M690 integrated graphics chipset last week, AMD has released a new version of the core logic aimed at embedded systems. The AMD M690 Chipset for Embedded Designs features the same goodies as its notebook-bound counterpart. However, AMD has added an extra DVO (Digital Video Out) port that can be used to add support for a secondary display. AMD says dual-head functionality makes the chipset ideal for embedded applications like thin clients, digital signage, and point-of sale systems that might need to drive more than one display. The chipset also supports "side-port" memory (memory dedicated to the integrated graphics core), although AMD tells us embedded system designers won't be able to use both the extra DVO port and side-port memory at once.

Speaking of embedded system designers, AMD has also released a development motherboard based on the M690 Chipset for Embedded Designs core logic. The development board has an S1 socket and can take AMD's mobile Turion 64 X2 or Sempron processors, allowing embedded system designers to write and test their software on a stable platform before coming up with their own hardware.

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