OCZ releases 1.15GHz RAM with heat pipe

After introducing DDR2-1150 memory modules with support for water cooling systems last year, OCZ has decided to apply its new "Reaper" cooler to memory rated for the same high speed. The result is OCZ's new Reaper HPC PC2-9200 2GB kit, which is rated for a blistering 1.15GHz at latency timings of 5-5-5-18 and with a voltage setting of 2.3V. OCZ also covers the kit for voltage settings of up to 2.35V for users who feel like trying to see what the modules can do with a smidge more voltage. Naturally, the Reaper HPC PC2-9200 modules are outfitted with OCZ's Reaper HPC heatsink, which connects regular heat spreaders to a small heatsink via two copper heat pipes.

OCZ launched its first Reaper-series modules back in February, but the sticks were rated for a slightly less impressive 1066MHz with 5-5-5-15 timings. Of course, outlandish heatsink designs may not be a necessity to hit those kinds of speeds. Late last year, Kingston introduced DDR2 memory modules rated for a whopping 1.2GHz that were outfitted with the same blue heat spreaders as Kingston's other HyperX offerings.

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