vPro goes mobile—Centrino Pro announced

Almost a year ago, Intel announced vPro, a business "platform" that would combine Core-based processors with systems featuring Intel's Active Management Technology. AMT is designed to enable the remote administration of systems independently of their state, which lets systems administrators troubleshoot PCs remotely even if they are failing or simply turned off.

Intel has now unveiled Centrino Pro, a new mobile technology that's essentially vPro for notebooks. Centrino Pro laptops will feature AMT support, and Intel boasts that administrators will be able to manage the machines over both standard wired connections and Wi-Fi networks. Centrino Pro isn't available just yet, though. Intel notes that Centrino Pro notebooks will become available later this quarter as part of the launch of Intel's next-gen Centrino platform, code-named Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa systems will have Core 2 processors, 965 Express-series chipsets, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and support for Robson flash cache technology, a.k.a. Intel Turbo Memory. If rumors we heard yesterday are to be believed, the Santa Rosa launch is scheduled for early May.

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