Quad-core Xeons go embedded

Shortly after the launch of AMD's 690 Chipset for Embedded Designs, Intel has come up with a pair of embedded offerings of its own. Instead of core logic chipsets, however, AMD's arch-rival has introduced two quad-core Xeon 5300-series processors with "extended life cycle support." The embedded Xeon E5345 is clocked at 2.33GHz, and the Xeon E5335 runs at 2GHz. Both processors have 8MB of cache (4MB per dual-core die), a 1333MHz front-side bus, and an 80W thermal envelope rating.

Essentially, those chips are identical to the offerings already present in Intel's quad-core Xeon 5300 lineup. As EE Times reports, though, Intel says it will continue producing the embedded processors for "a minimum of five to seven years." According to Doug Davis, VP and general manager of Intel's embedded and communications group, embedded customers "can't rip up the digital infrastructure every few years to take advantage of these new technologies." According to EE Times, both chips are already available starting at $690 for the Xeon E5335.

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