Poll: Would you buy more music online without DRM?

Earlier this week, EMI triumphantly announced that it would make its entire music catalog (except for songs by The Beatles) available to online music stores without digital rights management protection. Apple got first dibs on the change of policy and plans to sell premium DRM-free music on the iTunes Store starting next month.

In light of these recent events, we're wondering just how many of you really mind DRM enough to not purchase music online. Would you buy more music online if it weren't copy-protected, or are you more bothered by other factors, like price, sound quality, and lack of physical media? Or do you already buy music online without caring too much about either DRM or other downsides? That's the subject of our latest poll, so feel free to go vote and tell us where you stand.

In last week's poll, we asked whether you thought AMD or Intel would come out with the performance crown at the end of this year. Poll results swayed toward Intel at first, but they eventually evened out and we now have 49% of votes for AMD and 51% of votes for Intel. At this point, it's apparently anybody's guess just how competitive AMD's and Intel's next chips will be.

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