New Intel UMPC platform coming on April 18?

Last month, Intel revealed that it was cooking up a 45nm processor specifically designed for ultra-mobile PCs, but the firm may also have some shorter-term plans for the UMPC market. According to a report by HKEPC, Intel intends to launch a brand new UMPC platform code-named McCaslin with a new, unannounced processor on April 18.

HKEPC shows slides that say the new UMPC platform will include a code-named “Stealey” processor as well as a new “Little River” north bridge and an ICH7-U south bridge. Stealey will have a die size of 14mm by 19mm, notably smaller than the 35x35mm die of the ultra-low voltage Pentium M “Dothan” chip in current Intel-based UMPCs. Overall, the slides say the new platform’s processor, north bridge, and south bridge will take up an aggregate 975mm² of space, compared to 2915mm² for the existing Pentium M-based platform.

Thermal dissipation will go down from a 12.6W maximum and 3.4W average with the existing platform to a 9.3W maximum and a 1.95W average with the new platform, and battery life will reportedly climb from around 2-3 hours to a target of 4-5 hours. It’s probably safe to bet that smaller die areas will cut production costs, too, which might help make UMPCs somewhat more affordable.

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