Turtle Rock founder talks about Left 4 Dead

The folks at Shacknews have sat down for an interview with Turtle Rock Studios founder Michael Booth regarding Left 4 Dead, the studio's upcoming multiplayer zombie-killing action/horror game. Left 4 Dead is based on the Half-Life 2 engine and is scheduled to come out in the second quarter of this year for the PC and Xbox 360. In the interview, Booth reveals some interesting details about Left 4 Dead's gameplay and design. For example, the game will have an "AI Director" that will regulate gameplay:
This is a technology we've developed to tailor each game session to the players' experience--if things are quiet, the Director may schedule an attack. If things have been intense for too long, it will schedule a break in the action. . . . This allows every play session through each campaign to be completely unique each time it is played.
If a player dies at the beginning of a map and isn't revived by his teammates, Booth says the AI Director will respawn that player in a "believable location" such as a closet. The player's team will then have to free him from that location. Additionally, the game will have a stats system that sounds similar to the one Valve plans to implement in Team Fortress 2. Booth says the stats system will promote teamwork by awarding points for "altruistic acts" like reviving friends.
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