Cursor patch fix to come via Windows Update

Last Monday, Microsoft released a patch for the animated cursor vulnerability that affected several versions of Windows, including XP and Vista. However, we quickly heard reports that the patch caused problems with control panel software for Realtek integrated audio hardware. According to CNet, Microsoft now intends to release a high-priority fix via Windows Update that will take care of those problems, as well as others that been discovered since then. Along with Realtek software, last week's patch reportedly causes problems with CD-Tag, ElsterFormular, and TUGZip. The patch's problems with ElsterFormular in particular are reportedly causing headaches in Germany, where companies use the software to file their taxes.

The patch-for-the-patch will be pushed through Windows Update on Tuesday together with five security updates, which CNet says will address "an undisclosed number" of Windows security vulnerabilities. In the meantime, users can already download a hotfix for the cursor patch here.

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