Intel gets an extra week to find missing e-mails

Last month, AMD filed a brief with the judge overseeing its antitrust case against Intel. The brief accused Intel of destroying "potentially massive amounts" of e-mail evidence relevant to the case through a combination of "gross communication failures, an ill-conceived plan of document retention and lackluster oversight by outside counsel." AMD asked the judge to give Intel three weeks to account for its document retention process, although it eventually agreed on a deadline of April 10.

Over a month has passed, and IT World reports that the court has now granted Intel another week to explain itself. Intel, the site says, has until April 17 to give an accounting of the problem and to propose a better archival solution so that future records don't suffer the same fate. IT World says the problem occurred because Intel didn't tell certain employees to keep records of their own correspondence. The employees assumed that the firm's IT department would take care of e-mail backups for them, but the reverse happened, and the IT system was actually deleting e-mails automatically after a given amount of time.

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