CellFactor to be released for free next month

Artificial Studios announced back in January that its sci-fi first-person action shooter CellFactor: Revolution was due to come out in the spring. The game is of course based on CellFactor: Combat Training, a tech demo that was made to showcase the physics acceleration features of Ageia's PhysX card. As Shacknews reports, Ageia has now announced that the game will be released for free on May 8.

Artificial Studios didn't specify whether the game would require a PhysX card to run when it announced its release in January, but now the Shacknews report says users without PhysX cards will indeed be able to play the game. However, they will be limited to two environments where they will fight in skirmishes against computer-controlled AI opponents. PhysX card owners, by contrast, will be able to fight either other players or AI bots in four LAN-based multiplayer modes.

PhysX cards will supposedly enhance gameplay by simulating oil leaking from barrels and spider webs twitching to indicate nearby movement. Players will also be able to use their telekinesis abilities to smother opponents in lava, thanks to the PhysX processor's fluid dynamics simulations.

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