TR Forum Tidings: The cost of Microsoft software

Many complained about Microsoft's pricing scheme for Windows Vista when the operating system launched two months ago, but few users are really accustomed to pricing for Microsoft's server-oriented software. As part of our weekly search for interesting forum threads, we've spotted this thread by gerbil regular Madman about that very subject. Madman says he's been developing software based on MS SQL and .NET for a while, but that the cost of a "toy" server to run his software—$7,000 as a bare minimum, he claims—is making him consider switching to PHP/PostgreSQL and open-source software. Other gerbils seem to echo the same general sentiment, and some have already made the switch to Linux in order to cut costs.

Have you had a brush with Microsoft's pricing for professional/server software? Did you or your company cough up the dough, or did you switch to a particular *nix flavor? Or do you think Microsoft software is worth the premium? Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject by registering a forum account and contributing to Madman's thread.

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