OLPC team releases XO laptop operating system

The One Laptop Per Child association announced earlier this year that it had no plans to start commercializing its "$100" XO laptop. Instead, the machine would be aimed solely at users in the developing world. The OLPC folks don't seem to have changed their minds just yet, but as DailyTech reports, they have nevertheless released the XO notebook's operating system to the public. The OS is based on the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Core GNU/Linux distribution, but it has a customized user interface designed to be easier to use (and, of course, to fit on the XO laptop's tiny display.)

A Live CD of the OLPC operating system can be downloaded here. The download weighs in at 291MB and is mainly intended for developers, but DailyTech says other curious individuals can also give it a try. For those who'd rather not run the OS on their own system or happen to be out of CD-Rs, screenshots of the XO operating system's user interface and applications can be viewed over at LinuxQuestions.org. The OS reportedly works "remarkably well" on a variety of systems, even though it is designed solely for the XO notebook.

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