Samsung readies new notebook hard drives

Everybody's favorite Korean conglomerate has announced two new lines of 2.5" mobile hard drives. The first, Samsung's SpinPoint MP1 lineup, is aimed at the enterprise market. SpinPoint MP1 hard drives have spindle speeds of 7200RPM, cache sizes of either 8MB or 16MB, support for 300MB/s Serial ATA transfer speeds and Native Command Queuing, and capacities of 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, and 200GB. The drives also have a rotary vibration controller and an optional free-fall sensor that protects them from vibration and shock. Samsung says SpinPoint MP1 drives will hit mass production in May.

On the consumer side of things, Samsung has announced a new SpinPoint M5 line. These drives also have a 2.5" form factor, but their specs are less impressive: 5400RPM spindle speeds, 150MB/s Serial ATA support, 8MB of cache, and capacities ranging from 60GB to 160GB. However, Samsung notes that a 250GB SpinPoint M5 drive is already under development. SpinPoint M5 drives are scheduled to hit mass production this month.

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