Antec's P180 case gets a big brother

Antec P182. Source: Antec.
The few users who might complain that the cooling features of Antec's P180 quiet case are too Spartan have just gotten their wish. Antec has announced an upgraded version of the P180 that's designed to accommodate an extra fan plus a water-cooling system.

The Antec P182 has two grommeted holes in the rear panel for liquid cooling pipes, and it has room for an extra "middle" 120mm fan that can be positioned to help cool a graphics card (or a pair of 'em, presumably.) That increases the number of supported 120mm fans from the Antec P180's four to a total of five: a front fan, a bottom compartment fan, a middle fan, a rear exhaust fan, and a top exhaust fan. To make fan management easier, the P182 also adds an external fan controller on the rear panel that can adjust the speeds of the top and rear exhaust fans.

Cooling aside, the case has a "gunmetal" black finish that looks similar to that of the Antec P180B. The P182 is otherwise similar to the original, sporting the same space-age aluminum/plastic/aluminum noise-dampening panels, an isolated bottom compartment that hosts the power supply and hard drives, and a total of 11 drive bays—four external 5.25" bays, one external 3.5" bay, and six internal 3.5" bays. The P182 is launching with a $169 price tag, though—$40 more than the P180's retail price.

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