20GB PlayStation 3 to meet an untimely demise

When Sony launched the PlayStation 3, many users complained that pricing for the console—$499 for the 20GB version and $599 for the 60GB one—was set too high. Almost five months have now passed since the launch, and as DailyTech reports, Sony has decided to stop offering the 20GB version of the console in North America. According to a Sony official quizzed by the site, Sony's decision to pull the 20GB PS3 is a result of weak demand for that model compared to the 60GB variant:
"At launch, we offered two separate models of PLAYSTATION 3 to meet the diverse needs and interests of our PlayStation fan base," explained Dave Karraker, senior director of corporate communications for SCEA. "Initial retail demand in North America was upwards of ninety percent in favor of the 60GB sku, so we manufactured and shipped-in accordingly."

"Due to the overwhelming demand for the 60GB model from both retailers and consumers, we have ceased offering the 20GB model here in North America," Karraker confirmed.

Aside from a larger hard drive and $100 higher price tag, the 60GB PlayStation 3 has integrated Wi-Fi as well as flash card readers. Both 20GB and 60GB models have a Blu-ray drive, an HDMI audio/video output port, and a wireless controller.
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