New pictures show R600 board in more detail

Shots of AMD's upcoming top-of-the-line R600-based graphics card have leaked before, but most of them have been blurry and/or small pictures of the OEM card with its king-sized cooler strapped on. Luckily, the guys over at Hardspell have gotten their hands on a whole bunch of detailed R600 pictures, and this time, the pics show the card with its cooler removed.

The card in question is supposedly an OEM-only model, since the retail high-end board is expected to be of a more manageable size. Nonetheless, the card's PCB definitely appears shorter than that of Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GTX. The R600 GPU chip is a good bit larger than the previous-generation R580, although a direct comparison with the G80 is more difficult, since Nvidia's chip is covered by a heat spreader. Looking over at the memory, there are eight chips, all emblazoned with the Samsung name and a K4U52324QE-BC09 model number. According to Samsung's website, that model number corresponds to GDDR4 chips that are capable of operating at up to 1.1GHz (or an "effective" 2.2GHz, if you account for DDR memory's doubled transfer rate.)

The card also includes an integrated Theater 200 chip, confirming earlier rumors we heard about the subject. Interestingly, though, the rear of the card sports two DVI ports and an S-Video in/out port—there's no trace of an HDMI port, even though recent rumors suggested there might be.

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