Sony mulls PS3 distributed computing grid

The recent success of the PlayStation 3 in Stanford University's Folding@Home project has caused Sony to consider creating a PS3 "supercomputing grid" that it could lease to businesses. As EE Times reports, pharmaceutical companies, medical startups, and other such organizations have approached Sony with the idea. The grid would be made up of PlayStation 3 users who would only have to download distributed computing software to their console and leave the system running.

PS3 users could receive product discounts and other incentive to participate, although according to Sony spokesman Dave Karraker, Sony would need to actually pay users to persuade them to leave their consoles running all the time. "It's something we could absolutely do in terms of the technology," Karraker says. "It's whether the consumer can be incentivized to let someone else utilize the computer power of their PS3." At this point, EE Times says, Sony is seriously considering the idea by trying to determine how many PS3 owners would want to participate, and how much it would cost to make them do so.

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