Wide-screen LCDs to overtake regular LCDs in sales

We've been hearing news about the sharply rising popularity of wide-screen monitors for a while, but now iSuppli says wide-screen LCD monitors will actually become the dominant monitor type before the end of the decade. The research firm has compiled a report that says worldwide shipments of wide-screen LCD monitors will grow from a mere 9.1 million in 2006 to 35.8 million this year. iSuppli predicts that shipments of wide-screen LCD monitors will reach 102 million by 2009, surpassing shipments of LCD monitors with standard aspect ratios. By 2011, the firm expects wide-screen LCD shipments to reach a whopping 146.9 million units.

According to iSuppli, driving factors behind the rapid adoption of wide-screen monitors include aggressive pricing, the growing popularity of video applications, and even the introduction of Windows Vista, which supposedly favors wider aspect ratios. Wide-screen monitors also present advantages for business users who can, for instance, use them to display two pages or spreadsheets side by side. iSuppli says the most popular wide-screen monitor types will be 19", 20", and 22" models this year, although 19" models have reportedly been leading the market so far.

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