DisplayPort coming to Intel chipsets next year

The upcoming "Bearlake" series of Intel chipsets isn't even out yet, but HKEPC already has word of a successor Intel will supposedly introduce in the second quarter of 2008. Code-named "Eaglelake," the series will include -G and -P variants. As with Intel's previous chipsets, the -G variant will have integrated graphics, while the -P model won't. HKEPC says both models will include support for quad-core 45nm processors, 1333MHz front-side bus speeds, DDR2-800 and DDR3-1333 memory, and PCI Express 2.0—functionality which may be exclusive to high-end variants of the upcoming "Bearlake" lineup, based on what we've heard.

Interestingly, HKEPC says the integrated graphics in the Eaglelake-G chipset will include new video processing features plus support for HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort display outputs. The DisplayPort 1.1 spec was recently approved by VESA and is designed to replace DVI, VGA, and LVDS display connections. Like HDMI, DisplayPort supports HDCP content protection for protected Blu-ray and HD DVD media.

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